About K388

K388 is a regional investment company headquartered in Australia, extending its services beyond the Oceanic continent, well into the Asia-pacific region. K388 offers its clients a plethora of integrated investment solutions, with its employees trained and designated to handle real estate brokerage, estate and asset management, and investment banking services. These services are then complemented by our several research teams and divisions who are all dedicated towards rigorously ensuring that our partners and clients always get the most out of today’s world’s most competitive, volatile, and ever growing markets.


Ever since its inception as a start-up, K388 has constantly committed itself to the goal of giving the best of its IT business solutions services to the clients that it provides for. Everyone here at K388 believes that every client or business partner that gives in to the offer of availing the company's services deserves only the best in our wide array of state-of-the-art IT business solutions, no matter the scale of the client or partner's business operations. Whether it be operating as a small or medium scale enterprise, or as a multi-national corporation, K388 will make sure that its IT business solutions will always be tailored to fit your business's needs.


K388 envisions a bright future, not only for itself, but also for its clients, as it looks forward to eventually strengthening the bonds that it has forged over the years with its partners in the business. Whether it be through a span of a mere 5 years, or through generations, or even a century of operations, K388 commits itself to its promise of staying true to the goal of providing state-of-the-art IT business solutions and making these solutions accessible and usable for its clientele, in order to help in fostering the socio-economic growth and development of not only all businesses and parties involved in its operations, but also the IT industry as a whole.



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